Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

One of the biggest and award-winning manufacturers of exercise machines, Horizon Fitness delivers yet another extensively researched and user tested elliptical machine. The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02, one of the best quality ellipticals available, has been engineered with the user’s quality workout and comfort in mind. It guarantees a very efficient and effective low impact workout with its innovative features that’s usually not found on elliptical trainers in this price range. The EX-59-02 is manufactured with a strong solid frame and a heavy 14.3 lbs flywheel that lets you enjoy a strong, quite, fluid, and effective workout. Users have 10 different workout programs to choose from that includes a Manual setting, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plus, Random, Reverse Training, Calorie Goal, Intervals, Intervals Plus, Rolling, and Constant Watts. An innovative MP3 console with headphones output in an iPod compatible Sonic Surround Sound will keep you entertained and enjoy music while you burn up calories. The best feature of this high quality and reasonably priced elliptical trainer is its SIXStar Certification, which eradicates stress to back, hips, and joints and it makes for a more natural feel while working out. Here are some of the best features that this elliptical machine has to offer:

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer


  • Zero Gap – Eliminates stress on the back and hips during workout with zero gap between the pedals.
  • High Number Workout Programs – Built-in 10 workout programs that you can adjust in the middle of your workout to achieve your goals.
  • Easy to read 5” backlit LCD display monitor – The large display panel lets you monitor your workout progress.
  • 18” Stride – The long stride coupled with pivoting pedals allows you comfort and reduces fatigue during workout.
  • 3 lbs Flywheel – The heavy flywheel allows for a smooth and low-impact workout.
  • Surround Sound – A built-in sonic surround sound that’s iPod compatible and with most MP3 players.
  • 16 Levels of Resistance – The adjustable resistance allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

The Pros and Con of the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical


  • Horizon’s patented Six Star Certification platform guarantees the smoothest, most comfortable and natural workout.
  • For a reasonably priced elliptical trainer, the EX-59-02 is equipped with innovative features and benefits that delivers a total maximum workout.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • The EX-59-02 offers a wide range of workout programs to choose from, which is excellent in its price range.
  • Equipped with 16 levels of resistance that is tailored for all fitness levels.
  • Quiet during workout.
  • Handlebars are installed with a built-in heart rate monitor.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, 20-year on brake, and 1 year on parts and labor.


  • The EX-59-02 is not equipped with an incline feature for a more challenging workout.
  • This elliptical has no built-in fan for a cooler workout.
  • Water bottle holder is inconveniently placed and not easily accessible during workouts.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a high quality, reasonably priced elliptical trainer that comes with innovative features and benefits, then the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer is the one for you. With its decent warranties and a strong, solid design, the EX-59-02 is well worth the investment.