How to Use an Elliptical Trainer

As much as there are a lot of people willing to undergo fitness programs for health reasons, there are still those who find it a challenge to use gym facilities such as elliptical trainers.  This article would explain how to use an elliptical trainer.

It is never enough to just know how an elliptical trainer works.  One should know how to effectively use these great workout machines so that he or she can get the most out of it.  The following are a few of the tips which are designed for proper usage of an elliptical training machine.

First, before undergoing any strenuous activity, one should remember to wear clothes and footwear which are not only appropriate for exercising but would also make him or her comfortable enough especially when doing different movements.

Second, remember the basics of checking out the guidelines and instructions printed on the machine.  Take time to know how to program the console’s settings.  This way it would not be a pain to always call out for the trainer whenever you need to max or lower the machine’s settings.

Third, hold the hand railing using your left hand.  Your left foot should go on the left foot plate.  Your right hand and right foot should be place on the equipment with both feet on the same level.

Fourth, adjust the settings on the console without losing your grip on the handrailing (for safety purposes in case you accidentally press the start button with the wrong settings).  Most elliptical trainers would give you choices for incline, intensity, stepping, direction (either forward or backwards), or elliptical movement.

Fifth, move your feet by transferring weight from one foot to another.

Sixth, never lose your grip on the hand railings especially when you opt for the backwards direction.

Seventh, by choosing different pre-programmed settings, you get to add variety to your activity.  You can try doing backwards directions and increase and decrease the speed.

Eighth, taking into consideration your goals for exercising, adjust incline for strengthening, increasing endurance, or for working a certain muscle group.

When observed, an elliptical trainer has a foot pedals for both of your feet and arm handles as well.  When these foot pedals move, so do the arm handles.  Both of your feet should be placed at the center of each pedal and make sure each stride is comfortable enough: not too long or not too short.  You can either choose to hold the arm handles or not hold anything at all while moving your arm as though you are running.  This would lead to the development of the muscles in your midsection, maximizing the amount of calories that get burned while you do the exercise.  If you choose to hold onto the handles, avoid leaning your bodyweight on the handles as this would lead to slow the burning of calories.

The digital readouts on each console can be a good source of motivation for exercisers as it displays the elapsed time workout, steps per minute taken, and even the calories burned while the exercise is ongoing.  This would be a good guide for exercisers.

The above tips are good guides on how to use an elliptical trainer properly.  One should not feel discouraged if they are not able to go on for too long on their first time on an elliptical machine.  Gradually work your way up and even reach 20 minutes as you go on the machine regularly.

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