Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Review

The Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is perfect for the people who would like to shed a few pounds of their weight and for the ones who are beginners or in the intermediate level in the running industry. It’s cheap, compact and very easy to use.

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

What sets this treadmill apart from its competitors is that it allows you to lose up to 900 calories in just a single session. The LED display gives you the chance to easily control the machine whether you like running in it or just walking. The light weight and compactness of this treadmill is a huge plus because, unlike other brands, you can easily break it down and put it under your desks or cabinets.

Striking Features

  • Emergency Stop Magnet with a matching pull cord and a clip – this feature instantly stops the machine for additional safety for its users.
  • Auto Shut-off Feature – when the treadmill runs up to 30 minutes, it will automatically shut off to prevent it from overheating which makes it preserve the life span of the product.
  • Multi-function LED Display – this is where you can see all the controls. Here, you can adjust how fast you will walk or run and the duration of your entire workout.
  • Folding design and gliding wheels – this is one of the biggest points why a lot of people choose to buy this product. This gives you the opportunity to put this treadmill in a secure place by folding it and rolling it into place.


  • Have handrails which other brands do not have – this has curved handrails which are found on top and in front of the machine which helps the user to maintain their balance and stay comfortable even if they’re using it for long hours.
  • Compactness – designed to be easily folded and has attached wheels so that you can easily glide it. Although this product only weighs 55 pounds, it’s perfect for people who would like to only take it out if they’re going to use it.
  • Assembly process – this treadmill is very easy to assemble.
  • Good performance – appropriate for its affordable price.
  • Multi-function LED display – which enables the user to easily operate the treadmill.


  • Belt problem – while the belt of the treadmill moves, the product itself moves in unnecessary ways which could be inconvenient to a lot of people.
  • Noisy operation the machine operates loudly compared to the other brands with the same price.
  • Weight capacity – the weight capacity of 250 pounds is also one of the disadvantages of this treadmill because other brands can operate with higher capacity.
  • Handrails – users who are tall may feel uncomfortable when using this treadmill because the handrails are designed for smaller people.


The Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is well-build and is a very affordable product. It’s more suited for people who are only beginning or in an intermediate level when it comes to running. The LED display control system is a big plus because it enables the users to easily dictate their running speed and duration.

LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill Review

The LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill is an efficient way to get into shape. You will be motivated to continue your exercise with the ability to see your performance right in front of you, such as your speed, distance, calories, and more.

LifeSpan TR 1200i

This treadmill is easy to store and has multiple features to help you with your walking or running workouts, all without leaving your home. The LifeSpan TR 1200i is safe as it has handlebar controls. The controls allow the ability to control the incline and speed without ever needing to take your hands off the handlebars. With other treadmills, there may not be an option to do so, and there may worry about losing your balance and concentration while fixing your pace settings. However, with the TR 1200i, you can effectively change your pace with no fear of falling.

The Lifespan TR 1200i is easy to store as it has a flexible folding ability. Literally store it away when not in use. Not only is it flexible, this piece of equipment makes it easy to keep your focus on exercising with the iPod and headphone jack to listen to your favorite music. Turn the music up loud for that extra motivation with the high-quality speakers. You can share your progress with your family and friends easily with this machine; there is nothing like healthy competition.

Striking Features

  • iPod and Headphone Jack for Music
  • High-Quality Speakers
  • Intelli Step Counter
  • 15 Different Incline Levels
  • Record Heart Rate, Miles, Calories, Steps, and Minutes
  • Share Your Records With Friends and Family
  • Support Up to 300 Pounds
  • 5 Horsepower Capability
  • Folding Ability
  • 20×56 Inch Running Platform
  • Measurements of 33x54x70
  • Heart Rate, Sports Training, Healthy Living, and Weight Loss Programs
  • Multi-colored LCD
  • Tracks Speed, Distance, Calories, and Time

The Advantages

  • Ability to Track Progress: “My Zone” hear rate control, and another two custom programs. Having the “My Zone Constant” program will allow your heart rate to remain consistent. It’s only natural to want to keep going when you know you are making progress.
  • Easy-to-use Multi-Colored LCD Screen: This will allow you to track your speed, time, calories, and distance – you will want to keep going. You will end up wanting to strive to beat your past time, distance, or speed. Once you see the progress, you will want to go further.
  • Efficient Slide Rails: This is a great feature of the LifeSpan TR 1200i. They are made of nonslip plastic, so you will be reassured that they are safe.

The Disadvantages

  • Assembly: It may take time to assemble. It’s best to open the sides of the box, in order to expose the treadmill in the upward position in the box. Without following that step, it can be harder.
  • USB Drive: There is no USB drive, which would have been a great advantage.


Compared to the majority of treadmills, the LifeSpan TR1200i is cost effective and efficient. With all of the features it comes with, it is well worth the money. Being able to track your fitness activity is a huge advantage for most people, and this treadmill has it all. You can enjoy listening to your favorite music and your time on the treadmill will fly by with having fun.  The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame. There is a warranty involving 1 year on labor and 3 years on the parts. This treadmill is an efficient way to get in individuals healthy.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is the newest kind of workout machine in the current market. It has been built to revolutionize the exercise equipment industry and it is a must for people who are really into working out.

The 430 Elliptical Machines consists of dual track two LCD window system. This essentially allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks. One can say, it is perfect for people who are more into data collection while working out.  The Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export help you to keep track of your progress. It also help you to stay up to date on reaching your fitness goals.

Don’t feel like working out? Do you get bored of doing the same routine over and over again? Well, the new Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine has been designed in a way that will always motivate you to try harder to reach your goals. It has got 22 different programs that will challenge you and push you to the limit. Meaning, your workouts are going to be fun and different each time. It also has 2 user settings and goal tracking, which also act as a motivator. It also has acoustic chamber speakers attached to the body. This ensures good quality sound is played when you work out.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Striking Features

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is indeed a wonderful workout machine. However, the most striking feature of the 430 is machine’s ability to keep your workout smooth and quiet. This is done via the high speed weighted flywheels, which also have a high inertia perimeter.


There are a lot of Elliptical machines out in the market. But the advantages of the Schwinn 430 easily outweigh the rest. Listed below are some of the advantages of the 430

  • The 430 has got transport wheels attached to the machine. This makes it portable and easy to move around from room to room.
  • It has oversized crossbar tubing which give you added stability
  • It has a 10 years frame warranty.
  • 2 years mechanical warranty.
  • 1 year electrical warranty.
  • 3 speed fan to keep you cool while you work out.
  • The machine can be easily assembled, thereby you don’t need any extra help. Nor do you have to waste time fumbling through all the parts and look at the manual.
  • The machine has a USB port on its body which can be used to charge your phones, tablets or other media devices. This allows you to charge your gadgets as you work out.


Like everything else in this world, there are some drawbacks of the 430 Schwinn 430. Listed below are the disadvantages of the Elliptical Machine.

  • The machine is 5’6 in height and 5’9 in length. At the most minimum of incline, the machine is already 1’4 off the floor. This means if your ceiling is 8 feet high and you are over 6 feet, then you might have trouble standing on it.
  • It can support a person of 300 lbs. at maximum. While this is a very good limit, people over the given amount will have trouble working on it.
  • For people looking for an elliptical machine under a budget, this may not be the ideal product for you. While the pricing seems reasonable, $577 may be a bit too much for a lot of people.


To conclude, the Schwinn 430 is a great work out machine. It is the perfect tool for people looking to get their work out done at home and remain fit. Its portable nature and the multifunctional features make work out more enjoyable and easy.


Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is an elliptical workout machine that provides an effective cardiovascular workout and help burn calories and improve aerobic capacity. The 470 is fitted with a non-impact conditioning that allows your body to emulate a running motion without causing the strenuous impact on your joints, and a reverse stride which can activate different muscle groups and put more emphasis on your quads and offer an adjustable variety mid-workout. Schwinn 470 also offers a recovery test and a quick start option, and it can take users with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The Schwinn 470 currently sells for $699.00 in Amazon and it comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame, covers 2 years on the mechanical parts, 1 year for electrical parts and 90 for labor.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine


  • USB port that can be used for charging any kind of media device or data exchange to SchwinnConnect and MyFitnessPal
  • 29 preset workout programs, 4 user profiles, and goal and performance tracking
  • 2 backlit LCD consoles that allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks
  • 25 different resistance levels with a high speed, high inertia flywheel
  • 5 levels of incline and resistance for an easier or more challenging workout
  • Built-in 3 speed fans, speakers, side mounted water bottle holder, and transport wheels for comfort and better mobility
  • 20” stride length and 12 degrees motorized ramp

The best feature of the Schwinn Elliptical Trainer is its connectivity with the MyFitnessPal app and the Schwinn Connect website. These apps allows you to transfer details of your workout and share your fitness progress. It reduces the inconvenience of manually entering data, which can be time consuming. This is absolutely a ‘super’ elliptical machine. Although the Schwinn 470 has outstanding features and rewarding benefits, it comes with some drawback as well. Here are the pros and cons of this machine to further aid you in your choices.

The Pros and Cons of Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine


  • The Schwinn 470 Elliptical is the premium cross-trainer in the Schwinn lineup that gives you a lot of outstanding features at a fraction of the price.
  • The 470 model is one of the only Schwinn ellipticals that comes with a backlit console, which makes it easy to read your workout stats like time, distance, pulse, calories, speed and more.
  • The 20 inch stride length allows you to feel more natural and helps you to fully work your leg muscles.
  • A 12 degree motorized ramp for easy adjusting and better cross-training.
  • Large articulating footpedals with cushioning that adds extra support and comfort, and gives you a more natural feel with less strain on the hips.
  • The Schwinn 470 is fitted with a USB port for charge your tablet or other electronic device from the console.
  • The 470 model comes with a connect goal tracking. You can track and upload your fitness progress online and track your progress over time. You can also sync your fitness data to your myfitnesspal account as well.


  • Display switches back and forth. You don’t get a constant display of all your workout stats on its console, it switches back and forth.
  • It is a heavy machine. It comes in at 163 pounds and while this is great for stability, it makes it hard to move around.
  • The 470 does not come fully assembled.


Schwinn 470, a classic American Brand, is a full featured elliptical trainer that is accessible to all users. It is a smooth running, strong, comfortable, and easy to use machine with very few faults. While it is not a commercial grade machine, it does give you a lot of outstanding, professional features that makes your workout effective. If you’re looking for an elliptical trainer that has the best workout programs that can also be customized for multiple people, then the Schwinn 470 is an excellent choice. On top of that, it can be purchased for a really low price. Overall, the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is a perfect mid-level elliptical machine for home users.


Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

Designed for a total performance and comfort, the Sole Fitness E95 was awarded the best elliptical largely because of its positive feedbacks and reviews. With a 9 inch backlit LCD screen, built-in speakers, water bottle holder, and a cooling fan, the E95’s easy to use electronic console shows your calories, heart rate, time of workout, distance achieved, pace, resistance level, and incline degrees data. The stationary handlebars has a built-in heart rate sensors that allows checking of your progress whenever the need arise, or the wireless chest strap, that is also included, to give you a continuous heart rate reading. The E95 features a 40 degree incline that is by far, the steepest you will find in the elliptical world today. This feature replicates an uphill climb when pedaling thus, greatly increases your workout intensity. The Sole E95 also features a heavy 34 lb flywheel that gives a comfortable momentum and stability.

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer


  • The E95 has custom-molded grips for an extra comfort for your upper body workout.
  • Wireless Chest Strap and Built-In Sensor on the handlebars that allows for hands-free monitoring.
  • The Sole E95 was awarded the best elliptical.
  • The E95 foot pedals are articulated through personal walking styles, it makes for a smooth natural motion that reduces ankle and knee stress.
  • Easy to use console with a 9” LCD screen
  • 40 degree incline ramp that allows you to customize the intensity of your workout

The Pros and Cons of the Sole E95 Elliptical


  • 34 lbs heavy flywheel with large adjustable stride length – This gives a top-notched smooth ride and keep the momentum much better.
  • Enhanced Features – The Sole E95 is packed with enhanced features such as built-in cooling fans, sound system with Apple and MP3 compatibility, and a water bottle holder.
  • High Adaptability – The E95 is built to adapt to your needs, not the other way around.
  • Maximum user weight is 400 lbs – The best user weight capacity in its price range.
  • Customized Settings – Can be personalized according to each individual’s specification.
  • Stable Design – The Sole E95 has a stable design and strong frame that’s built to last.


  • The sound quality of the speakers is not that good.
  • Limited Programs – Unlike other ellipticals in this price range, the E95 is disappointingly short on workout programs.

Overall Verdict

You cannot find a perfect exercise equipment but the Sole Fitness E95 is by far, the highest quality elliptical machine available that you can buy for such a great price. The E95 allows you a total body workout, both upper and lower body, giving you a complete cardio workout. Its revolutionary features are designed by physical therapists and expert engineers. The Sole E95 comes with a 5 year warranty on parts, 2 years on labor, a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a full money back guarantee.


ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer

Achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle requires the need to have a regular exercise routine. The best way to do this right in the comfort of your home is to invest in a home fitness equipment. The best choice that can be considered is from the most trusted brand that delivers the highest quality and most innovative home fitness equipment worldwide.

ProForm, a world leader in home fitness equipment, delivers yet another empowering in-home fitness success with its ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer. Its revolutionary design is equipped with a sturdy, solid frame that is built to last and allows a high weight capacity of up to 375 lbs. The ProForm 1110 E is also equipped with an inertia enhanced 32 lbs flywheel, a 20 degrees digital incline, and a 25 digital resistance levels. Add that with an adjustable cushioned pedals and a soft-touch upper body grips, and you’ll have an excellent fitness partner that will not only give you the best workout experience of your life, but the most comfortable as well. Aside from that, the ProForm 1110 E features the latest technology with its Google Maps accessibility and iFit enabled technology that gives an option to train with Jillian Michaels. This machine offers a wide range of workout apps. Its 32 built-in apps allows you to freely choose a program depending on your preferred workout intensity.

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer


  • Guaranteed durability – Made from commercial gauge solid steel frame.
  • 375 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Oversized, adjustable traction-control pedals
  • 32 lbs inertia enhanced flywheel
  • 20 degrees digital quick incline
  • 25 digital resistance levels
  • 20” – 22” Adjustable Power Stride Length
  • Easy to read 7” backlit display
  • 32 preset workout apps
  • Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
  • SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • iFit enabled

The Pros and Cons of ProForm 1110 E


  • Best value for your money because of its durability.
  • Equipped with 8” built-in cooling fan
  • Built-in 2.0 sound system that’s iPod compatible
  • Built-in iFit wireless technology
  • Equipped with an iPad holder with removable shelf
  • Comes with a Polar wireless chest strap and dual-grip heart rate monitor
  • Allows for a forward and backward motion
  • Comes with transport wheels for ease of mobility
  • Easy to assemble


  • The water bottle holder is not easily accessible during workouts.
  • Although it is equipped with transport wheels, this 250 lbs equipment is much heavier than other brands.

Overall Verdict

The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer is ideal for a total maximum workout. It is packed with innovative features, the latest technology, revolutionary design, and built to last. All of these features and for a reasonable price,  you’ll get a high quality, professional fitness machine that’s well worth your investment. The ProForm 1110 E comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 5 year warranty on parts and a 2 year labor warranty. It guarantees absolute value for your money.


Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

One of the biggest and award-winning manufacturers of exercise machines, Horizon Fitness delivers yet another extensively researched and user tested elliptical machine. The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02, one of the best quality ellipticals available, has been engineered with the user’s quality workout and comfort in mind. It guarantees a very efficient and effective low impact workout with its innovative features that’s usually not found on elliptical trainers in this price range. The EX-59-02 is manufactured with a strong solid frame and a heavy 14.3 lbs flywheel that lets you enjoy a strong, quite, fluid, and effective workout. Users have 10 different workout programs to choose from that includes a Manual setting, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plus, Random, Reverse Training, Calorie Goal, Intervals, Intervals Plus, Rolling, and Constant Watts. An innovative MP3 console with headphones output in an iPod compatible Sonic Surround Sound will keep you entertained and enjoy music while you burn up calories. The best feature of this high quality and reasonably priced elliptical trainer is its SIXStar Certification, which eradicates stress to back, hips, and joints and it makes for a more natural feel while working out. Here are some of the best features that this elliptical machine has to offer:

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer


  • Zero Gap – Eliminates stress on the back and hips during workout with zero gap between the pedals.
  • High Number Workout Programs – Built-in 10 workout programs that you can adjust in the middle of your workout to achieve your goals.
  • Easy to read 5” backlit LCD display monitor – The large display panel lets you monitor your workout progress.
  • 18” Stride – The long stride coupled with pivoting pedals allows you comfort and reduces fatigue during workout.
  • 3 lbs Flywheel – The heavy flywheel allows for a smooth and low-impact workout.
  • Surround Sound – A built-in sonic surround sound that’s iPod compatible and with most MP3 players.
  • 16 Levels of Resistance – The adjustable resistance allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

The Pros and Con of the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical


  • Horizon’s patented Six Star Certification platform guarantees the smoothest, most comfortable and natural workout.
  • For a reasonably priced elliptical trainer, the EX-59-02 is equipped with innovative features and benefits that delivers a total maximum workout.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • The EX-59-02 offers a wide range of workout programs to choose from, which is excellent in its price range.
  • Equipped with 16 levels of resistance that is tailored for all fitness levels.
  • Quiet during workout.
  • Handlebars are installed with a built-in heart rate monitor.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, 20-year on brake, and 1 year on parts and labor.


  • The EX-59-02 is not equipped with an incline feature for a more challenging workout.
  • This elliptical has no built-in fan for a cooler workout.
  • Water bottle holder is inconveniently placed and not easily accessible during workouts.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a high quality, reasonably priced elliptical trainer that comes with innovative features and benefits, then the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer is the one for you. With its decent warranties and a strong, solid design, the EX-59-02 is well worth the investment.


Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

There was a time when working out was fun and enjoyable. People could take time out and go to the field. But now it’s really different. If you ask someone to consider the option of running about in the fields to get the perfect body, then you will probably meet with derogatory expression. They may even say ‘’ do we have a field in our city’’. It’s true that working out is as important as breathing. Sadly you can’t go to the field but surely your life will be a lot easier with sole fitness E35 elliptical Machine.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

A brand to trust

When it comes to buying a workout machine, one thing you must take care of is none other than the brand of the product. Sole is a world renowned brand that hires the best engineers to create products especially designed for your body.

Product description

  • Cardio has been known to be one of the best forms of work out and more so if you are bottom heavy or have a bulging tummy. E35 elliptical machine facilitates cardio work to a level that becomes a bit of challenge to your body. The purpose is to help you cut down flab.
  • It is supported by Blue black LDC which will keep you updated with the work out data and the calories lost. Remember, information on how you are going is really what it is called smart way. The display will enable you to keep a track of your training data.
  • The pedals and console are adjustable. You can adjust them according to your height. Or may be at a beginner level, you would like to go easy.
  • The power adjustable stride and incline will offer you the ease to go about it as per your physical stamina. Another feature is the 22 inch maximum stride length, six standard programs, two custom programs and two heart rate programs.
  • Sole fitness Elliptical machine also provides you pulse grip and chest strap so you can monitor your heart rate.
  • The LCD screen is of 7.5 inch display. The machine is simply most convenient as it comes with front drive with inbuilt fan.
  • The experience of working out with E35 elliptical machine will never bore you as a sound system is included along with a bottle water holder.
  • It measures 27 by 58 by 83 inches (W x H x D) offering a weight limit of 215 pounds and 375 pounds.

Any disadvantages?

Well there are two sides to every coin. It’ true that the advantages are great but you may need to look into other aspects. For instance, this machine requires a large space and cannot be accommodated easily if your room is not very spacious.

Sometimes the up and down movement of the pedals may lead to knee jerk for elderly people. This you need to look into only if your bone density is lesser than the normal.

The machine requires cleaning and you can only get the desired result if you work out religiously.

Why should you buy Sole fitness E35 Elliptical Machine?

One reason is definitely the price mentioned above. You will not find a product with so many advantages in this range. Work out is important but ask people if they really like it and they will tell you that they do it because they have to. So if you must, then why not make it enjoyable. The sound system enables you to be in embrace of your favourite track. Sometimes songs can really be energizing. The LCD display with bottle water holder will make your session most productive. Maintaining your training data and heart rate is one sure way to get to that perfect shape.

Go for it!