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The Insider’s Guide to New Classes: Forging Edition


So you’ve been dying to hit stuff with hammers, wanting to learn new things, and as a added bonus, you’d like to end up with some items that would be awesome holiday gifts, huh? And now you’ve found the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, where we have forges and hammers and anvils (oh my!) and some classes to teach you how to use these things. Now which of these classes to take to get the most bang for your buck…

Looking to make a small handmade gift quickly? Then our Forging I class would be a great fit. In this 2 hour class you will learn how to make a steel hook. It’s perfect for beginners and you walk out with something you can hang your hat on.

More interested in badass bling? Then the Bracelet Workshop is for you. In this 3 hour class you will learn how to make a steel bracelet. Nothing says love like making something for someone with a hammer and some fire. Great for beginners but also works for more experienced blacksmiths who want to get a little fancy.

Got beer? Then the Bottle Opener Workshop is what you’re looking for. In this 3 hour class you will make a steel bottle opener. We make sure to test them before class is over so you can be assured that it will work next time you need a cold one. This class works for beginners and more experienced blacksmiths.

Already know what you’re doing but not ready to forge it on your own? Then look no further than Forging II, a 6 hour intensive, where the basics are revisited but students are encouraged to kick it up a notch and make their own projects. An instructor will be there to help with questions and projects.

Instructor? You don’t need no stinking Instructor!  Just want some time and a place to mke stuff on your own? Well then come down for a Day Pass any Saturday from 11am-9pm where for $35 you can have access to the space for the day, and for $5/hour you can have access to the forge. Just make sure you’ve had a safety training first!

Don’t want any part of making, but know someone who would? That’s ok. We have gift certificates in any amount. Contact us at 215-901-1933 or by email at philadelphiasculpturegym@gmail.com to order one!