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Intro to Woodshop – Cutting Board 5/24-5/31


Instructor: Jeff Miller
Tuesdays, May 24th and May 31st, 6:00-9:00pm
Exotic hardwood packages will be available for an additional fee.

Details: In this two-part, six hour introduction to the wood shop, students will learn how to prepare their raw material for use; and learn how to use the table saw, bandsaw, planer, jointer, and more. Detailed instruction on the proper use if these tools will culminate in a long lasting cheese board or cutting board of the student’s design. No previous experience necessary. Students may bring their own wood or use the wood that will be supplied by the instructor.

*Students are encouraged to bring found wood of their own, however, it must pass inspection for personal and tool hazards, i.e. nails, rot. There will be pinewood and/or domestic hardwoods supplied with class. Exotic or rare wood species will be available for an additional fee.

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