Philly Fixers Guild


Have you guys heard about the Philly Fixers Guild yet? I met Ben and Holly when they approached me about a location for their first ‘Repair Fair’ and I have been big fans of what they are doing ever since!

About the Philly Fixers Guild (from

The Philly Fixers Guild was started in early 2014 by Ben Davis and Holly Logan who both participate in the “Sustainable 19125/19134″ program in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood. Our guild is an independent collective of talented volunteers from differing technical backgrounds who are committed to the idea of “repair rather than replace.”

In many instances guild members will not just simply fix items for people, but should work with them to teach the troubleshooting and repair process. Ultimately, our community will benefit from less waste and improved economic conservation.

The Philly Fixers Guild is certainly not the first organization of its kind. Many other cities: Seattle, Boston, New York, San Francisco, to name a few, have had programs similar to this for some time. Philadelphia’s own Time4Time community time bank runs a periodic Repair Cafe in Chestnut Hill.  One concept that all these groups share is that the disposable “planned obsolescence” consumer culture we live with today isn’t always beneficial to the environment or people’s bank accounts.

We aim to support our community and city through periodic “Repair Fair” events where we can offer no-cost repair labor, knowledge, and education to all.


Check out a Repair Fair or if you think of yourself as a fix-it type of person, sign up as a fixer!