Forgetting Black Fridays

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Hope everyone had an wonderful Thanksgiving! I was happy to spend a restful day with family and it just reminded me of how lucky I am to have so many people that understand and support me in this world. And I feel lucky to also have so many people that I can do the same for when they need me. And then there’s today…Black Friday. I feel like as a maker/sculptor/artist I especially try to shop locally and support local artists. Last year Olivia got a handmade concrete planter that Seren Akcay made (with a jade plant in it), a film can banjo made by John Shoemaker, Christmas ornaments made by Laura Conklin, and some little things for her stocking. She was super excited and loved all of it AND it was meaningful to her (and me) that people she knows made those things. This is why I choose to not participate in Black Friday, but instead focus on Small Business Saturday and Maker Monday, because those are days I can stand behind. There are so many amazing creatives in Philadelphia that are making wonderful and beautiful things, that its easy to shop local. AND a week from today, we’ll have Coldhearted IV here at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, an art/handmade holiday sale featuring 20 vendors, which I’m super excited about! See the flyer below for more info. And definitely check back tomorrow for some Small Business Saturday specials! Thank you for supporting this small business. Buying a t-shirt or a gift certificate, or signing up for a class may not feel like a lot, but to us it definitely is, so thank you!

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