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Shop shifters

Wood Shop

If you come into to PSG this week you may notice that our jewelry studio seems to have disappeared…! Not to worry jewelers, we carved you out a beautiful new dedicated space that I think you will love! AND as a result, we were able to enlarge the wood shop space. Just in time too as the wood shop has been getting some heavy use lately!

Jewelry Studio 1

We moved the jewelry studio to a cleaner and quieter location in the back (rather than having it right between the wood and metal shops!) All 8 work bench stations are accessible and we’ll be making some improvements to the process stations as well, including a larger soldering area, a better casting set up and more! A big thanks to Gus for all his hard work on this and to Phil and Jeff for helping to move everything over!

Jewelry Studio 2


What a week its been! Insanely hot and things are getting more exciting here at PSG!

On Sunday, Jenny taught a private metalworking workshop to a couple celebrating their 10 year anniversary! Congrats guys!

Michael Hinkelman of Talking Small Biz from the Philly Daily News came by for a visit this week thanks to my Momma! (She sent him an email telling him about PSG…she’s the sweetest!)
Hi Mom!

Kyle just got back from a visit to Detroit and he came bearing gifts…Jumparoonies!

Jumparoonie chic…(Yes, I love jumperoonies.)

Gabriel and Josh (and Lucy too, I think?!) kicked ass on three new studio cubbies. Just need to drywall and trim these out and they are ready to go! One of the 3 is still available if anyone is interested!

Oh yeah…and people have been in here MAKING STUFF!!!! I’m beyond excited to have people actually in here using the space. Its wonderful!
Rea welding our new back gate
Jenny cutting out steel circles for a commission she’s working on
Josh’s progress on a new piece in this blazing heat!

Weekend Recap & More

Everything is coming together in the last week before the Grand Opening! 
Electric is in, Hot Water Heater is in, Shops & Tools are finding there permanent homes, & much more. Our Management Team, Shop Monitors, Charter Members, & Volunteers are working so hard to finish the shops and prepare for this Friday!  We are so grateful for all the support & help!
Thank you McKenna Home Services for plumbing & hot water! 

Stephen McKenna, Programs Manager Jenny and Shop Manager Brynn

Contact them at:

McKenna Home Services
Olivia & Darla, Late Night Crew 
Charter Member Stephen building a rolling peg board
Intern Monica working on the electric
Charter Member Colleen Rudolf with her Bronzes
Charter Member/PSG Monitor finishing up some signs
Charter Member Kyle hanging shop signs
PSG Manager and Charter Member Bevan moving a piece… 
and getting a lot of help from Intern Lucy and PSG Monitor Connor
Moore Crit Club visited PSG for their June Meeting


                                               GRAND OPENING INFO & TICKETS 
10 x 10 SERIES FUNDRAISER by Darla Jackson
10 x 10 Series

Weekend Recap

This weekend’s work day was great. Crazy but great. First we had our first shop monitor meeting to go over the gameplan. SO EXCITING! We’ve got a great bunch of people that will be here making sure everyone is safe while working in the shops. You’ll meet them all very soon!

We also had artists dropping off work for Process Show: CASTING, which opens this Friday. I love this piece by Brian Comisky!

There was also some photos of my highly fancy technique of drying plaster pieces…(It really is the easiest/best place I’ve found to do this!)

We team-worked some things up onto the loft, including my giant molds. Thanks so much guys! The classroom is on it’s way to looking like a classroom again.

After building stuff, moving stuff, and moving more stuff,  we had a giant lunch of amazing pizzas. Thanks Jenny!
The last part of the day we set up one of the new studio spaces. Its been amazing to see these little spaces come together. I’ll be posting more info on these soon so stay tuned!

Weekend Recap

 This past weekend we set up a booth at the Art Star Craft Bazaar. It was am amazing event, with tons of people (despite the threat of rain). It was so great to meet everyone and to talk about the Sculpture Gym with you all!

Ladies of PSG – Jenny, Me and Brynn

Puppy love…

Kids casting!

Intern Monica assisting with a casting project

So many cute dogs…

Charter Member Joshua Parker Coombs demonstrating the process

 Want more PSG in your life? We’ve got tons of things coming up:

This Weekend! Saturday May 18th
Come by for tours of the space, a BBQ when the derby is going by, or visit our booth at the Trenton Avenue Arts Fest from 12-5pm!
We have a Call for Artists for our June Exhibition, Process Show: CASTING
And we have tons of great workshops and classes coming up for May and June!

Weekend Recap (VERY Late First Friday Edition)

Woah. This week has been nuts. I’m moving. We’re getting the Sculpture Gym ready to open. We’re getting ready for the Art Star Craft Bazaar this weekend and the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival/Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby next weekend…Whew! So, all that to say, sorry for the quietness on the blog, but we have alot of awesome stuff coming up. Also the 2nd Annual Charter Member Exhibition opening was so much fun this past first Friday! Check out the photos below, or come out on the 18th to see it in person!

Weekend Recap

 This weekend was a whole bunch of moving things around….Josh and Molly cleared out the back area to get it ready for the metal shop move.
 Larry from Laran Bronze dropped off this anvil when he came by to pick up his piece from Process Show: MIXED MEDIA. Thanks so much Larry!!!!
 Brynn and Molly put some legs on a table top that was donated to us from The ReSource Exchange.
And Bevan came in and started to get the wood shop in order! Whoot!
 Ryan, well, he did a little bit of everything.

Me? I ran around doing a little bit of everything…taking tools apart, putting tools together, moving things, teaching mold making, talking gallery stuff, etc. Whew!

And Jenny got PSG Gallery whipped into shape for our next show, the 2nd Annual Charter Member Exhibition, (which opens this Friday) AND managed to also make a mold AND wrangle Olivia for a bit! Superwoman!

And Olivia did what she does best, melt brains with her cuteness.

Weekend Recap

Brynn and Tara keeping the door blockers at bay with a new improved yellow curb outside of our roll-down.
 I love weekends like this when all kinds of things are happening and everywhere I look something exciting is going on! We’re getting really close and trying to tie up any loose ends before opening. Stay tuned!!!!

This weekend was powered by pretzels. Literally…we ate so many I forgot to order lunch. I blame the sriracha.
Awesome family visit from Michael, Chung, Elise, Ernest and the rest of the fam!

Ryan, making it happen.

Brynn and Jenny drywalling the studio partitions!

Would you believe that Bevan is afraid of heights?!

Weekend Recap!

PSG Charter Members!
This week/weekend was crazy and amazing…it was full of great events, like our first Charter Member dinner and Josh Raiffe’s opening, mysteries, like where did the scaffolding go (we figured it out), and work, work, work…and cookie breaks.

Fancy slide show at the Charter Member dinner

Bevan holding it down

Food and art and Charter Members

New layout!

Josh Raiffe
Josh Raiffe, Installation view
Josh Raiffe, People
Penthouse view at PSG
Oh hi, Brynn…

Making PSG more awesome…

Welcome Ryan! Thanks for jumping right in and helping out.

Joshua cutting unistrut

Brynn checking me for level
New studio partitions in progress!

Weekend Recap

This week was an exciting one at PSG. Paul Carson came in to teach a Build Your Own Bike Frame class, and it was so great to see the bikes come together in just a few days! Amazing job guys!

On Thursday, I headed out to the 30th Annual Center for Emerging Visual Artists Benefit at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia. This year Happy Fernandez was honored with the Founders Award and I was asked to create the award. It was an honor to be there and to meet and speak with everyone, especially Happy’s wonderful husband.

2013 Founders Award honoring Happy Fernandez
Friday night was the First Friday Opening for our Process Show: MIXED MEDIA. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, including the amazing artists!

Saturday was an all lady volunteer day at PSG and Rea, Brynn, Molly, Tara, Julie and Monica moved giant bunches of lockers all over the place. Jenny whipped the metal shop into shape. And I was up in the trusses, planning, planning, planning…

Weekend Recap

Diana on the MIG

This weekend was great…we had a full house with 2 workshops on Saturday AND everyone dropping off work for the upcoming show, Process Show: MIXED MEDIA. More info on the show coming soon…or stop by this Friday for the opening!

Katie and James on the grinders

Instructor Bevan Weissman and Katie with the cutting tourch
James, Burhan, Katie and Diana with the finished sculpture!
Instructor Gustavo Actis and Assistant Instructor Brynn Miller discussing making greensand molds

Pouring aluminum into the ingot mold
Molly prepping the gallery