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Shop shifters

Wood Shop

If you come into to PSG this week you may notice that our jewelry studio seems to have disappeared…! Not to worry jewelers, we carved you out a beautiful new dedicated space that I think you will love! AND as a result, we were able to enlarge the wood shop space. Just in time too as the wood shop has been getting some heavy use lately!

Jewelry Studio 1

We moved the jewelry studio to a cleaner and quieter location in the back (rather than having it right between the wood and metal shops!) All 8 work bench stations are accessible and we’ll be making some improvements to the process stations as well, including a larger soldering area, a better casting set up and more! A big thanks to Gus for all his hard work on this and to Phil and Jeff for helping to move everything over!

Jewelry Studio 2

Sculptural Jewlery

 Brooch by Julia Harrison

I am not a typical girly girl (says the girl who is starting a shop space…big surprise there, I’m sure) and don’t swoon over jewelry very often. I am more likely to appreciate a well made piece, then be on my way. But there are some pieces that stop me for a bit longer and make me want them…and usually these pieces are very sculptural…For example, Jess of BloodMilk (below) makes beautiful pieces that I love and wear almost daily (I have on ‘the one you feed’ right now).

 Julia Harrison (top image) who I found on Pinterest via Jess, makes these amazing carved brooches, like the one above, that while I may not wear it, I’d be happy to display it in my house as a piece of art. I also saw the image below on her blog and while it’s more about productivity (she’ll eventually cut them apart, it was just faster to carve them this way) I loved seeing the process shot.
Anyone out there have any other favorites? Or make jewelry that is sculptural or sculpture that is also jewelry?